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Ginger is an indispensable choice for Chinese diet, but what effect ginger bring to body? The substance nature of ginger in Chinese medicine is hot. So-called hot, means that ginger has warm energy which help food digestion generate energy which assists metabolism. Ginger is not a medicine. Even if many people recover after taking ginger soup while they catch cold, this does not mean that ginger has any special medical effect in its composition.

The dosage of ginger is determined by the individual. Mild sickness usually needs around 50 grams, and a severe 500 grams per day. However, the most important is dosage depends on how patients feel comfortable . The usage of ginger soup is better applied more frequently but with a small amount of each to let heat source always replenish. In diet, if you want to eat or drink cold food, it is better to add ginger slices to make the substance nature change to be more warmer, in order to reduce the loss of heat in the body due to the consumption of cool food. For example, Sesame Oil Chicken, Three- Cups Chicken(Traditional chinese dish), are very recommended dish. There are many kinds of ginger. It is more common to use dry ginger, fresh ginger, ginger powder, ginger mud, which can be used for internal or external application, such as wounds. Ginger powder can be used to avoid allegy symptoms at wound while ginger mud with water is applied. When cooking, try to extend the cooking time to make the soup more warmer. For daily use, you can drink light ginger soup . In addition, light ginger soup can also be applied to clean teeth, wash your face, clear wounds, treat eye diseases, etc.

The choice of ginger is very important. It is better to use organic ginger to avoid bad effects caused by pesticides. If you are worried about the problem of heavy metal residues, avoid taking too much ginger powder without cooking and use the method of boiling to precipitate heavy metals.

Seeing so many usages and benefits of gingers, are you already eager to try? But still remind that although ginger has his effects, more important are regular exercise, proper diet and good metal management which lead to real healthy life.

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