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Body constitution

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The main key to live healthily and longer is to maintain in good state of body constitution(B.C). B.C is a concept composed of immunity system and energy source . Man who has good state of body constitution is able to recover by himself relying on their own immunity while those with cold state of constitution can't. However, people who have innate cold constitution state can make it warmer through daily care. In fact, i'd rather say there is no evidence to see warm-body constitution people exist in the world.

To keep in good constitution state, besides keeping away from takimg medicine(all western medication, antibiotics ,capsule, vitamin,vaccin are cold source) and pay attention to nature of food. Moderate exercise and sport are more crucial to lead to better B.C. Moreover, immunity system in western medicine refer to lymph-vascular system, a system of vessels that carry interstitial fluid around the body. The spleen, with the highest concentration of lymphatic tissue in the body, filters blood ,produces and stores lymphocytes.Tonsils is also very essential lymphatic tissues and we shouldn't even think of removing it, as more and more often doctors will advise to cut off some tissues, such as cecal, thyroid. Every single part of our body has a meaning and functionality itself and we should respect our body and do nothing to regret afterward.

Recently, its getting more and more popular to hear whether you are acidic or alkaline constitution (PH ), which goes to very wrong direction of health care while they are instructing people to eat more alkaline food. In dialectical diagnosis, such concept is absolutely not related to health care. Human is withering due to permanently losing energy until their health. This is why elderly people need to pay more attention to keep themselves warmer. No matter what, we all will come to the end of our lives. Human death is like withered flower and they are all according to our natural law and we should let them go peacefully, instead of treating aging as decease and let our family members suffer or pass away painfully.

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