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About Us

About Hanswells

Hanswells Health & Care was founded committed to help people comprehend the right way of health care. Our concept is to concentrate on daily treating our bodies carefully, as precaution of staying away from sickness, and supplemented by providing treatment for those who have sickness symptoms already as well as educating  people to have right comprehension of medical treatment and health care.


​Balance of Jing, Chi, Shen lead to healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Our organisation is committed to treatment of Tui-Na(traditional Chinese Acupoint pressing) , Food/herb remedy, and body/mind exercise. There are many paths leading to healthy life, however, right way can leads to same positive consequence, regardless of its form or methodology.


Most importantly, our purpose and way is giving people a natural, harmless, non-invasive, eco-friendly and long term solution of being healthy. As a result, people would improve their body constitution without any side effect, to reach real healthiness

Health Caring

Health Care

Food/Herb Therapy​

Through natual herbs or food to improve body constitution. Instead of using medical treatment, we aim to let body build up immunity system by taking right food remedy.

Back Massage
Physical Therapy/Tui-Na 

Acupoint pressing(Tui-Na) is our main physcial treatment,helps  healing our energy channels and improve blood/energy circulation, to heal body and ease pain.

Meditation by the Sea
Body/Mind Exercise

Body/mind exercise is the most essential part in our methodology through various physical or mindful exercise which stimulate our body functionality and metabolism, including meditation, body stretching, chinese martial arts. If you want to be healthier, the most essential way is to exercise your body and mind.


Contact Us

Hans Wang


Tel: +7915-375-6886


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